A beautiful pixel puzzle that anyone can play.

An all-new challenge from the creators of PICTURE CROSS and PUZZLE PAGE.

Pixel Path takes moments to learn – simply touch and drag to link together each pair of squares with the same number and colour. As you solve each puzzle you’ll build a mosaic picture, and reveal part of a larger animated scene.

Pixel Path‘s puzzles are grouped together in Puzzle Books, each themed after a popular tourist destination (along with some more fantastical settings) all illustrated with beautiful original pixel art.

Starting in Paris, France, your path will lead to lost jungle temples, the bustling streets of New York, the Great Wall of China and even the depths of the ocean! Where will the adventure lead next?

✅ Over 300 puzzles with many more to come

✅ Unlock puzzle books themed around exotic locations and adventures

✅ Reveal beautiful animated scenes

✅ Use hints to easily find and correct mistakes

✅ Stunning pixel art brings the world of Pixel Path to life!

Pixel Path is free to play, but contains optional paid items to unlock content more quickly.

Product Support

Pixel Path FAQ
– Here you can find answers to common questions regarding Pixel Path.

You can also access the FAQ and contact support via the in-game Help system, accessible from the pause menu (the ⚙️ icon).