Examine pictures to reveal the hidden words!

Welcome to a new kind of crossword puzzle. Instead of a list of written clues, each puzzle includes a single picture. All the answers are themed around what you can see in the picture.

Some of the answers will be a simple case of saying what you see – but sometimes you might have to think a little more laterally!

How to play

Examine the picture closely to find the answers. Every word in the puzzle can be deduced from the picture.

For example:

If the picture is of the STATUE OF LIBERTY


…the answers might include:



As you unlock each chapter you’ll find new puzzles and pictures – there are people, places, animals, food, vehicles, household objects and lots more.


  • A whole new way to play crosswords!
  • 730+ puzzles over 46 chapters.
  • 230+ all-new bonus puzzles to discover as you play.
  • NEW – ‘Mix-Up’ mode! Build words from their component pieces.
  • Guardian Puzzles at the end of each chapter will test your word skills.
  • Hundreds of beautiful photos – people, places, animals and more.
  • Use instant hints to remove unused letters or reveal the next letter in a clue.

Need Help?

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