The ultimate wordsearch!

Supersonic Software (an AppyNation member studio and creators of such classic games as Micro Machines 2 and Mashed) present an amazing new word puzzle game! World’s Biggest Wordsearch is designed to challenge the world record for the largest wordsearch puzzle ever published – and to offer over forty hours of engrossing gameplay in the process!

The World’s Biggest Wordsearch is exactly what the name says! We’re producing a MAMMOTH puzzle, with over 5,000 words tied to over 350 themes and incorporated into a grid of over 60,000 letters. The puzzle is painstakingly hand-crafted, with carefully selected and edited themes and words. It also includes a Secret Message and 45 specially designated ‘Trophy’ words to really challenge your skills, and by our calculations it’ll take a dedicated Wordsearch puzzler over 40 hours to complete this world beating puzzle.

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