Well, by now you’ve probably heard the news – we’re helping Chris Sawyer, 31X and Origin8 to bring Transport Tycoon back into your lives, on mobile, this year! Woo (or should that be woo-woo?)!transporttycoon_logo_smTo say we’re excited, honoured and working incredibly hard on this is an understatement, and while we’re currently looking for people to sign up for the Beta over here (register to put your name in the hat – there are no guarantees!) we’re also taking a few other opportunities to let you get your hands on it before release.


Transport Tycoon on iPad (click to enlarge)

One of those is us being at Gamescom from the 20th to the 23rd August – but the other is way sooner than that!

We’re teaming up with The National Museum of Computing (TNMOC for short) as part of their wonderful Summer Bytes season, and we’ll be at the show on the afternoon of Saturday 10th August, letting people get some game-time with Transport Tycoon on iPad! It’s being hosted at Bletchley Park, where the coolest scientists ever only went and saved millions of lives by cracking German secret codes during WWII! You know, the Enigma Machine and all that jazz!

Such a bad-ass computer! If modern PC’s looked like this but smaller, I’d be a very happy gamer indeed.

We love the work that TNMOC does, and this summer-long event is well worth checking out (not just our part in it, though we are a lot of fun to be around…). You can come along to play tons of cool videogames (modern ones and retro ones), plus take part in games-making workshops! Maybe listen to some computer music in the various events, or partake in a bit of daytime astronomy. There’s even some 3D printing in the offing… but best of all they’re helping to grow the future of our wonderful industry by hosting some coding workshops using Arduinos and Raspberry Pi’s!

Basically, why wouldn’t you want to come along? All of that amazing stuff is spread out over the summer – the full schedule is here, and tickets are around a paltry £5 (plus the usual concessions and kids discounts, details here).

Let us know if you’re coming via twitter, in the comments or on our Facebook page, and hopefully we’ll see you there!