Prepare yourself! BEGIN!

The wait is finally over! Ninja Ranch is now available worldwide on the iTunes App Store!

Ninja Ranch is an original puzzle game in which budding ninja farmers must create order from chaos by correctly arranging their farm animals in groups within a predetermined grid. It might look easy at first, but if you want to succeed you’ll have to contend with increasingly fiendish farms, avoid making mistakes and look out for the Lucky Cat.

Each day you can win prizes in the Daily Spin, and spend your winnings to customise your farm with new animals, new backdrops, and special themes and costumes for your animals (cowboys, pirates and even burping animals and animals with wind!). The cantankerous Ninja Master tracks your progress, offering encouragement and pearls of wisdom as you travel the path.

So grab the game and start (ninja) farming today!

Download Ninja Ranch! for iPhone and iPod touch (FREE)

Download Ninja Ranch! HD for iPad (FREE)