So this is quite a sad post as the last day of the Indie Zone at GEEK2012 was finished yesterday.

After three great days of hard work, co-operation and a few hiccups thrown in here and there, the clock struck 6pm on Friday and the doors closed on the Weekday of GEEK and the Indie Zone was officially over.

Yesterday saw another great mix of people from all backgrounds and all ages, but all brought together in amazement and admiration when they took it in turns, yes we did have queues forming at several points!, to play the Indie Developed games. Seeing the engagement with the audience, for something which the vast majority thought was a very rare opportunity to actually speak face to face on informal and friendly terms with Indie Devs, was super and it deffinatley surprised me how many people actively want this opportunity, but find it difficult to achieve.

Therefore, it is certainly another thing to add to the list of learning experiences AppyNation picked up about how Joe Public sees Indie Devs and will allow us to build a stronger presence, promoting the cause and raising awareness of Indie Devs everywhere.

There will be a full write up of the event next week and a number of the Devs have volunteered to write a post about their experience so stay tuned.

That’s all for now!