Another very successful, but very busy day of GEEK2012 was completed yesterday.

However, yesterday wasn’t any normal day, and not just because it was my birthday, but because it was Indie Developer Day and AppyNation was centre stage.

With a repositioned area in the main hall, the flood of people examining the games on show was like a tidal wave and the excitement, engagement and interest was fantastic to see.

There were two distinct highlights of the day.

First, the Indie Developer talk on the main stage. A lot of very interesting, cutting edge and slightly controversial topics were discussed covering the whole life of an Indie developer. From how you became an Indie, what the good and bad points are, what actually makes an Indie and the fine line between Indie and mainstream. This sparked a great Q&A session with members of the audience, with some very well informed people asking some very raw questions which created great debate and discussion.

The second highlight of the day, and definitely a contender for highlight of the event for me, was the re-inspiration and hope given to a 13 year old boy who dreamed of working in the Games Industry, but thought it was impossible for him to get in.

However, after being greatly inquisitive about one of the Indie games on show, he was asked if he would like to create a 16×16 character for the game. Initially, the boy couldn’t believe this amazing opportunity, and actually thought we were winding him up! However, after we convinced him it was genuine, he proceeded to create an amazing new character that was so good it was immediately placed in the game for him to run away from. The delight, amazement and the spark in his eyes was very humbling and reminded us all of why we do what we do.

Furthermore, a number of Indie Devs have volunteered to answer questions the boy has via email and give him their wisdom and advice.

I think this goes to show the true co-operative, helpful and collaborative nature of Indie Devs, and Appynation is leading the way.