So yesterday saw the doors open on GEEK2012 and AppyNation was ready to go!

The clock struck ten and the doors opened to a flood of students, children, parents and a whole range of different people raring to get there hands on the games and get insider knowledge of life as an Indie Dev, and AppyNation was waiting to oblige!

In our own area we had set up a range of Indie-developed games across multiple platforms from SpiltMilkStudios, IndieSkies, Alistair Aitcheson, Xiotex Studios and of course AppyNation – showing off the great talent of UK Indie Devs.

With a flock of inquisitive people coming over to us they were able to get hands on with the games, giving the Devs invaluable feedback and at the same time getting their burning questions answered.

The highlight of the day for me was two brothers, 11 and 9, who had managed to persuade their dad to allow them to come. As soon as they saw our Indie Arcade they came straight over and stayed for most of the day, as their dream was to get into the Games Industry, but they had never had the chance to speak to “proper people” before.

Having spent several hours back and forth with us answering their hundreds of inquisitive questions they left with a new sense of inspiration and hope that one day they could fulfil there dream.

After all, that is what AppyNation is about. Providing the help and support from experienced industry hands to inspire the next generation.