Well it’s about time we did this.

The lovely brothers Ste and John Pickford over at Zee-3 have started a rather heartwarming trend – encouraging indies and independent studios to promote each others’ games, based on one criteria: whether or not they like them!

It’s called, funnily enough, Games We Like. Check their choices out here. They’re all very good!

We’re hoping to update this list fairly regularly, but for now we’re going for a bumper first post. Robin, James and Andrew (that’s me!) have all picked two of their favourite mobile titles. Have a read, and see if any float your boat!

Robin’s Pick:

Enscripted This is a brilliantly simple idea by Duncan A Campbell. Every day it presents you with a famous quote from a movie that has been scrambled with a letter replacement cipher. You have to swap letters (using the onscreen alphabet) to decode the quote. Some days the answer becomes clear in seconds, but sometimes it serves up a real head scratcher that can stump you for days.

Enscripted main menu

The clever, simple and clean design hides a pretty mischievous game for any film fans out there.

Pinball Maniacs This gem is by ‘Massive Finger’. Pinball games are a good fit for mobile, but there’s a bit of a secret art to making a good one. Pinball Maniacs has super-cute visuals, decent ball physics (although there are very rare glitches where the ball gets stuck) and has well thought-out freemium features – you can play for free forever but coins can be used to buy continues, power-ups and ultimately new tables.

Pinball Maniacs screenshot

BEAUTIFUL artwork as you can see. Who wouldn’t want to play cute pinball?!

Andrew’s Pick:

Forget-Me-Not. This is a cracking retro-inspired little gem made by one-man-band Nyarlu Labs, or Brandon Williamson as he’s known to his family. It has the crunchiest gameplay I’ve experienced on mobile. You control a little… thing …that must shoot and collect it’s way out of each maze level. It’s like Pac-Man crossed with Smash TV, and is styled after some kind of early 80s vector vision of the future. The controls are slick, the pace is frantic, and it’s just one of those little gems that too few people have tried! In fact, you can try it out by playing the Flash version right here.

Forget-Me-Not's logo

This game looks AMAZING in motion…

Fire Worker. A nice, friendly, simple game made by two equally nice, friendly (simple?! No, that’s mean…) people – Geoff Gunning and Danny Parker. Guide your fireworks into the sky by drawing a path with your finger, tap to detonate them before they reach the end of their flight, and make sure not to overlap any of their lovely explosions. Gorgeous hand drawn art, polished controls; it all adds up to a quite hypnotic little time waster. Go get it!

Fireworker art

LOVE the art in this game, it’s animated with such *bounce* too.

James’ Pick:

Greedy Bankers Vs. The World I’ve chosen this because of its innovative multiplayer, allowing two players to play against one another but on the same iPad. You compete to join same-coloured gems together, and clear them for points – the bigger the group the bigger the score, naturally! I haven’t really seen this kind of same-device multiplayer done before on a game and I found very engaging and a great way to play the game with a friend.

Greedy Banker Vs The World

Everything in the game was made by one man! ONE MAN!

Cube Runner Made by lone developer Andy Qua, I’ve chosen this fast-paced block dodging game that is simple to play, but very hard to master. I really enjoy the game as everything is very simple, from the basic programmer art to the controls, which just use the accelerometer. But what the game lacks in visual quality it more than makes up for in gameplay; despite its simple interactions the game has a lot of complexity, as more blocks appearing the further you get, you have to navigate some very challenging scenarios. It is addictive and great fun to play!

Cube Runner screenshot

The admittedly very rudimentary presentation hides a surprisingly addictive game!


So that’s our pick for now! Come back soon for more, we want to turn this into a much more regular feature here at AppyNation. If one of our picks is one of your babies (or one of your favourites) then say hi on Twitter or facebook and we can compare high scores!

Till next time!