We said we’d return with more, and we have!

Once more we are going to list for you some great little lesser-known games on iOS (and maybe even Android!) that have been tickling our fun-glands the past few weeks and months. Of course no Games We Like post can go up without a shout-out to the beardiest brainiest brothers of the UK independent scene – Ste and John Pickford over at Zee-3 – who started this whole trend in the first place.

You can see their choices over here.

Robin Clarke, James Harkness, Andy Payne and Andrew Smith (that’s me!) have all picked one more of their favourite mobile titles. You should definitely check each one out, and let us know what you think on twitter or Facebook!

Robin’s Pick:

Frutorious by Infinite State Games. This is a cutesy arcade game with a ‘slingshot’ control scheme and quirky DIY fabric and plasticine aesthetic. It’s properly bonkers in the tradition of the best surreal UK-developed games for the 8- and 16-bit micros. You have to fling googly-eyed fuzzball Mr. Fruts around a series of horizontally scrolling levels collecting up his chums who have been transformed into fruit, while trying not to get snookered by enemies or taking too long.

There are loads of levels, loads of powerups and an assortment of daft voice samples and nice backgrounds to keep things interesting. The only thing that lets the side down a bit is the lack of retina graphics, but after a while you won’t notice (and it could even be argued to add to the lo-fi charm).

Andrew’s Pick:

Planet Bom Bom by Skipmore. I’m detecting a theme in my choices. Another retro-inspired game, this one is very simple – just fling the robot around the screen, bouncing off stuff to score points. You need to score enough points in each level to progress (or to save the planet in the center) and frankly that’s about it. It’s charming and well presented, but doesn’t have too much depth. Sometime you just want to fling stuff about the screen and waste a few minutes luxuriating in some nice juicy feedback. this is the game for those moments.

Also available on Google play.

Trust me to choose the only game without a trailer…

 James’ Pick:

Lane Splitter by Fractiv. The mechanics of Lane Splitter are very simple. You tilt your phone to move your motorbike left and right and so dodge between oncoming cars and obstacles. The game is addictively good fun, keeping you coming back to beat your last score, which proves quite difficult as the game gets steadily more challenging the further you get. Lane Splitter is great for short, but intense, bursts on the tube or bus and at 69p it is well worth a download!

Also available on Google play.

 Andy Payne’s Pick:

Wonderputt by Damp Gnat. Love the simplicity and fiendish gameplay. Lavish,  beautiful graphics in equal measure, superb ‘level’ design including all sorts of stuff, like ski slopes, cows, watering cans and fountains.  It is the sort of Crazy Golf course I always dreamed of as a kid. Just LOVE it.

So that’s our second roundup of Games We Like. Again, if one of our picks is one of your babies (or one of your favourites) then say hi on twitter or Facebook and we can compare high scores!

See you soon!