Fluid Football is the best football game you haven’t played… yet. It brings the best of the beautiful game together with the best of touch screen controls, and melds them into something really rather special.

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Fluid Football

In an effort to better explain what Fluid Football is all about, and why you need to be excited, we had a quick chat with the boss man behind it – Simon Prytherch from talented developer Chromativity.

The Chromativity Team

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AppyNation: Where did the initial inspiration for Fluid Football come from?

Simon: We were playing a lot of games like Flight Control and Spy Mouse. I loved the controls, as the draw-to-move mechanic is so suited to touch screen devices. I have a history of developing sports games, so started to explore the possibility of applying the same mechanic to a football game. I was really surprised that nobody else had done this before. And so, Fluid Football was born!

A: What exactly does the player do in Fluid Football?

S: Fluid Football brings the world of football strategy to mobile and tablets. Or another way of looking at Fluid Football is as a football ‘puzzle’ game with infinite solutions to each level.

You control your team with an intuitive touch-screen interface – simply draw lines with your finger to map out players’ runs both on and off the ball.  It’s crucial to choose the right moment to pass, cross and dribble, and when you get in on goal, make sure your shot finds the back of the net.

The game plays out in slow motion, giving the feeling of an action replay and allowing the user some valuable thinking time to set up elaborate moves and out-play the opposition.  Advanced users can tap a ‘fast forward’ button to switch to real time, if they relish the challenge.

A: How did (veteran football broadcasters) Andy Gray and Richard Keys get involved?

S: When we started developing the concept with Jason Cooper from Gray Cooper Media he said that Andy Gray would love to be involved with a game like this. We recognised that it would be an ideal match as Andy used to always do a tactical analysis after a game on BBC and Sky TV. Fluid Football is all about the tactical play, creating space and getting into the best position to score a goal. Soon we had Andy in the studio helping us with the design and discussing scripts for the comments and analysis. Andy suggested we also get Richard Keys involved, as they work together on talkSPORT radio, and on TV before that.

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A: What is it about football games that you love (and hate)?

S: I love the ability to be able to put together a perfect move or build up. Not only to be the player crossing from the wing but also the striker volleying it in from the edge of the six-yard box.

But I hate it when people are better than me, especially if it is all about fast-paced action. We wanted to create a game for the thinker or strategist, as well as the arcade action fan. Fluid Football is a combination of the two.

A: Why develop the game for mobile/tablets?

S: How Fluid Football works is, it’s a game based around levels. So instead of playing complete matches, instead you’re playing set-pieces: free kicks, throw-ins or corners. The combination of a touch screen with drag and draw mechanics, which builds some classic dip-in-and-out gameplay, makes Fluid Football an ideal mobile or tablet game.

A: Can you talk a bit about the idea to separate the gameplay style between the passing phase (a top-down view) and the shooting (a 3D view)?

S: Originally, the game was just a top-down 2D tactical game, but after you have tried and tried to set up the perfect goal and you pull it off it felt a bit of let down. We decided to add a final shot on goal as a 3D view, where you have complete control of where the ball goes and its speed. This is the “money shot” and a really satisfying conclusion to all your hard work.

iPad screenshot

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A: What’s been your favourite part of the game’s development?

S: This game had a clear vision from the beginning. It has been so satisfying to see it all fall into place and come together into a great game. We have such a talented team at Chromativity that made it all possible – the AI, the controls, the look and feel of the game is down to them. A big “thank you” from me.

A: What’s your favourite part of playing the game?

S: Fluid Football is a classic “just one more go” game. Everyone I show the game to cannot put it down. They get frustrated and can sometimes find it hard to string a move together, but when it does all come together it is so satisfying. Just like real football! Plus it teaches you a lot about football tactics: you need to pull defenders out of position to find the space to score. Get in!

A: What team do you support?

S: Coventry City. (Boo! -Ed.) Coventry is where I grew up and for years had a season ticket. Something I share in common with Richard Keys, a life-long Cov fan.

iPad screenshot

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A: Who’s your favourite footballer of all time?

Terry Yorath – A player from my youth when he was captain of Coventry City and Wales. I am Welsh, so this was especially relevant.

A: What’s your favourite game of all time?


Favourite game was when Coventry beat Liverpool 4-0 at Highfield Road in 1983. A great game. Can still remember the atmosphere.

Or predictably, Coventry beating the favourites Tottenham 3-2 in the FA Cup Final in 1987. Widely acknowledged as one of the best cup finals of all time and a great showcase for English football.

But if you mean video game then… (We do, yes -Ed.)

My favourite game of all time is a hard one. I have favourites for different times and different eras.

Favourite arcade games – Defender, Scramble, Space Invaders – great classics. I have owned all of these at some time. I still regret selling the original condition Space Invaders cocktail table version. It was in Radio 1 reception before I owned it. Just think of the great pop and rock stars that played that machine!

Favourite console games – Street Fighter 2 (SNES), Wipeout (PSone), Flatout: Ultimate Carnage (Xbox 360), Tomb Raider 2 (PS2) Favourite computer game – Dungeon Master (Atari ST), Railroad Tycoon & Civilisation (both by Sid Meier).

Favourite iPad game – Flight Control, Cut the Rope.

Favourite football game – LMA Manager – management with some action for consoles. (You would say that though, you worked on it! 😉 – Ed)

iPad screenshot

Click to enlarge (more tactical play)

 A: Thank you for your time, and your answers!

S: No problem.

So there you have it! Fluid Football is set to be the most natural, tactical and true-to-the-sport football game on mobile. You get to take control of multiple players at once, in a series of challenging and exciting set-piece battles against the defending team, setting up and scoring a gamut of glorious goals – all done with a few taps and swipes!

I can say, hand on heart, I play it in my spare time – not just for my job – and everyone knows that’s a true sign of quality. Look out for it on the iTunes App Store soon!

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