We all had a GREAT time at the Eurogamer Expo last week, did you? We can’t believe how much fun it was, how many people came by, how exhausting it was… and how much we’re looking forward to doing it next year!

The set up time was a little hampered by a ‘suspicious package’ which led to the hall being evacuated for an hour or so, but other than that we got ready in good time. That’s the great thing about having iPads and tablets on the show floor – very little equipment to lug about!

Our booth (click to enlarge)


That said, we were greeted at reception by a wonderfully old-school table football table, which after lugging across the entire Earl’s Court floor, we dumped in front of an equally brilliant TV. The whole stand was on the end of the Rezzed section, opposite not only the Indie Games Arcade, but also Halo 4. We were next door to the press area too, and the foot traffic was simply magic – thousands and thousands of people over the four days walked past our stand and were either caught by the looping trailers on the screen or wondered what on earth such an archaic football table was doing there. We chose to tell them it was the highest-def most 3D football game on the market. It seemed to work!

Table football and the MASSIVE screen (click to enlarge)


Every day saw so many people come and play the game we lost count. I’ve only got ten fingers and ten toes, so it didn’t take long, but seriously we were swamped at all times of the day. Some people had heard of the game, some hadn’t, and some were already HUGE Fluid Football fans – but either way they all got stickers (we handed out a thousand of those alone over the course of the show) or played us at the game. Some even played us or each other on the Table Football table – and we ran a big tournament on there too – we’ll be posting some footage of the final soon.

Sadly our ultra-thorough plan for a show-floor-wide treasure hunt underestimated the fact that most people were there to play games, not to engage in this sort of thing, no matter how fun. We changed tack and gave away the swag to many deserving fans, but we’ve learned the lesson for next time!

Crowds round this bad boy were constant & excitable! (click to enlarge)

By the end of the show we’d handed out dozens of rosettes, thousands of stickers, inflatable weights, hats, football rattles, a few t-shirts from our lovely friends at Insert Coin Clothing – and all for the low low price of a few doses of lurgy from the general public. Judging by how we all felt at the end of Sunday, we’d need a few days of rest. No such luck though, as we got straight back into the thick of it! We were showing off the Android version of Fluid Football on the stand, and there’s plenty for us to do before its imminent launch – not to mention the Kit Editor that we’re launching very soon indeed!

A shot of all the cool stuff we were giving away! (click to enlarge)

Finally all that is left to say is a big thank you to everyone who helped out on the stand over the four days, and an especially enormous internet-hug to everyone who came by and played with us. It was so much fun and we’re hoping to see you all again next year.

Until then, pop by our Facebook page to see all of the photos we took, and happy gaming!