We’re all very excited to be attending all 4 days of Eurogamer Expo this year, with a stand in the wonderful Rezzed section of the show (right near Halo 4!).

We’re in the Rezzed section, top left (click to enlarge)

We’ll be bringing iPads loaded with the latest version of Fluid Football (with a few new features &tweaks, naturally) so you can get your hands on the game or show off your skills to your mates. We may even run a few small competitions on it, and of course you’ll get to meet Andrew, Andy, James, Robin and on the Friday we’ll have Simon there too – the big boss man of Chromativity, the developers of Fluid Football!

Not content with that, we’re going to be bringing a table football table (that’s Foosball to any Americans reading this). Why? Because they’re ace. And because I reckon I’m pretty good at it and would like people to try and beat me (Oh dear. This could be painful. In the ego – Ed).

The Rosettes we’re taking for a few lucky winners! (click to enlarge)

But the thing we’re most excited about is the competition! Once every day we’ll tweet about the kick off, and there’ll be two hours in which teams of people must roam the floor, finding clues and performing football-related tasks. When the time is up, the teams’ efforts will be judged, scored, and the winners of the day will get a ton of exclusive AppyNation and Fluid Football swag…

…and maybe some hugs (Don’t you mean ‘…maybe some Andy hugs’? – Ed).

One of the very noisy (sorry in advance, fellow standees!) football rattlers that we’re bringing with us! (click to enlarge)

Every task will involve pictures being taken or video being recorded (by you!), and of course we’ll share all the madness with those of you who can’t attend via our twitter feed and Facebook. Make sure you follow us to join in!

Read on for info on the rules of the competition, and don’t forget to come by and say hello at the event!

The Rules:

– The competition will start at 2pm every day.
– Judgement will happen at 4pm each day.
– Teams are allowed to enter, as are lone wolves!
– To enter, at least one person in the team needs to follow @AppyNation on twitter, give us their email (or both).
– Each task will be themed around an element of the football industry.

– Each task requires photographic or video evidence:

  • The pics/vids can be tweeted to us, or shown to us at the stand.
  • We’d like to ask everyone to submit the pic of video to us, so we can show the world all the fun we’re having!
  • The more entertaining the pic or video, the more  points it’s worth!

– Bribes and threats will not be tolerated.
– Winners will be decided based on a combination of community feedback (twitter, Facebook etc.) and our decision.
– The Judge’s decisions are final.
– We’re not offering alternative prizes.
– The competition rules are subject to change.
– We will not enter into any correspondence regarding the rules or the results.
– The competition is open to all visitors of the show
– The competition is not open to anyone who works at AppyNation, Chromativity, Gray Cooper Media or any of their relatives & families.
– The competition will run for the fixed duration of the Eurogamer Expo 2012.
– Failure to adhere to the competition rules will result in disqualification.
– Entrants must behave in a manner which does not distress other Expo attendees or cause undue disturbance.
– AppyNation is not responsible for loss of belongings incurred material damage, or personal injury through or during participation in the competition.