So you’ve played Chuck’s Challenge and guided Woop through the many brain-bending levels, but have you got what it takes to become a master level creator like Chuck himself?

Well, follow this guide to creating a level and soon you could be!

First, you need to open the level editor. To do this, simply click on [CREATE] on the Chuck’s Challenge home screen and you will be taken through to the level creation board.

You can move the board around by placing two fingers on the screen and moving them, so you will be able to see all of your level, no matter how big it is!

Now you can move around your level you need to start creating it. Simply tap on Woop in the top right of the screen to bring up the item select menu.

Select the wall icon (the gold pillar next to the End Portal) and then place the wall on the creation board to create a maze. You can tap to create one wall section, or, you can hold your finger down whilst moving it to paint multiple wall sections without taking your finger off the screen.

So now you have created your maze, but, there are extra floor tiles that you don’t need? Well you can simply remove a layer of floor at a time by tapping the – (minus) button in the direction you want to remove. Also, you can add more floor by pushing the + (plus) button instead!

Then you need to place Woop at the start of your level and the end portal at (you guessed it) the end of the level, otherwise the puzzle is invalid and you won’t be able to save it.

Once you have created your level outline and placed Woop and the end portal you need to place traps, objects and monsters within your level to provide challenges for Woop to face. Simply go back to the item select menu and choose what items you want to place from the menu and you can insert them into your level in exactly the same way as you placed the walls.

You can change the colour of items, such as buttons simply by double tapping the item and selecting the new colour. Remember, the blue button opens the blue door; the green button opens the green door and so on! Many items have different options and variations you can find by double tapping them, experiment!

When you are happy with you level you have to play it through once to make sure Woop can actually get to the end. To do this, simply click on play at the top of the screen.

When you have successfully completed the level click the back arrow in the top right of the screen to return to the level editor.

Now you are ready to name and share your level!

To rename your level, click on the orange box near the top right of the map which has the default text <untitled> and enter your new name and press [OK].

Now be sure to save your level by clicking [OPTIONS] then [SAVE] and select a free slot.

Now you can share your level by clicking ‘yes’ on the pop-up (after saving your level), waiting a few seconds and then choosing how you want to share your level, either by Facebook, Twitter, Email, copying the level ID to your clipboard or doing all four! You can also share your level by tapping Options, then tapping My Levels, tap the level you want to share then tap share on the next screen.

You can also tell the rest of the people that play Chuck’s Challenge about your level so that they can go and play it. To do this, tag “@Chuck’s Challenge” in a Facebook status or use the Twitter hash-tag #ChucksChallenge, remember to include your level id and tell people why they should play your level!

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