Following on from our earlier post on the biggest update to Chuck’s Challenge ever, we have spoken a bit more with Chuck Sommerville and put some questions to Executive Director of Niffler, Barn Cleave.

Do you think there will always be a place for simple but addictive puzzle titles such as Chuck’s Challenge on mobile platforms?

Chuck: Yes, however I think a game can evolve with the player.

So, currently we include over 70 different game elements, with several more already designed that we plan on releasing further on. For example, we have some logic switches, so you can build a basic computer if you wanted to. Watch this space!

What do you think separates Chuck’s Challenge from other puzzlers in the App Store?

Chuck: Chuck’s Challenge was designed from the beginning to be a user-generated gaming platform. The team strongly believes that a person’s first steps into game development should not be about learning how to code, it should be about game design.

So, you choose to be a player, a reviewer, or a designer – it’s up to you.

Will there be an Android version? Will it be different to the iOS version in any way?

Chuck: We are porting the game to Unity, so an Android version will be possible, along with a PC and Mac version. We think this will take several months, so hopefully it will be completed later this year. The aim is to have all the different formats talk to a central cloud, so that levels can be shared across all platforms.

The Unity guys are doing some cool stuff, so we’ll have to wait and see what they pull out of their bag of tricks.

Are you currently working on any new games?

Barn: Yes, but they are in the early stages of development, so unfortunately we can’t discuss them yet.

What new features are there?

Barn: There over 75 new features in Chuck’s Challenge version 2.0, here are just some of them:

– Continuous walls that are dynamically generated
– Randomly distributed floor titles
– New tap control for Woop (probably the most-requested feature!)
– iCade support
– An option to turn off the (small, unintrusive!) ads in the game for a one-off payment
– Ability to save up to 99 levels instead of just 9
– Thumbs up or down level ranking
– Loads and loads of user interface updates

How much does it cost?

Barn: Chuck’s Challenge is completely free to download and there are over 20 levels to play without spending a penny. Plus, you can create your own levels as well using some of the available building materials. If you want to play more of Chuck’s then you can buy 3 level packs, with an additional 25 levels each, at £0.69 GBP ($0.99 USD), or £1.49 GBP ($1.99 USD) for all 3 level packs giving you 75 extra levels.

Buying any of the level packs will unlock all the building materials in the editor so you can create levels as complex as you like!

What is the new Tap control?

Barn: Tap Control is a completely new way of controlling Woop (the player character) in Chuck’s Challenge. Instead of having to use a virtual control pad, simply tap where you want to go and Woop will move there. Try it out for yourself now!

What is the new ‘Thumbs’ rating system?

Barn: We decided that we wanted to make the rating system for the user-generated levels easier and simply reflect whether or not you like or dislike a level. So, after many days or scratching our head as to what we should implement, one of the team members suggested why not do exactly what we want on the tin and just simply have a like or dislike button. This idea was then further simplified to thumbs up for liking a level or thumbs down if you didn’t and this is the new level rating system.

What is your role at Niffler, Barn?

Barn: I am the Executive Director of Niffler and oversee development of the games; making sure everything comes together. I am also the referee in the debates about Chuck’s Challenge features, using various different genius methods to choose who wins and what goes into the game; a tiddly-winks face-off being my favourite method!

How many User Generated Levels have been created?

Barn: Just this weekend we passed the 1,000th user-created level mark which is something we are really pleased with, as one of the founding ideas of Chuck’s Challenge was to allow people to not only play but create their own levels. Therefore, it is fantastic to see so many people creating levels and getting actively involved in the community. Now on to the next 1,000 levels!

You can download Chuck’s Challenge for free from the App Store.

You can download and play the 1,000th level by entering “1000” in the search by ID box in the Chuck’s Challenge game, or by clicking here on your iPhone or iPad (once you have installed the game).