We’ve just got our new AppyNation business cards delivered so we have decided to write a blog post about it! Well about the importance of business cards in general to be more specific.

Despite the world going digital and most information being sent via email (unless you’re Apple of course!), business cards are still a very important part of networking.

This is for two main reasons.

First, and most obvious, they contain (or should contain – I have seen some that haven’t!), your contact details. This is the first and most crucial step in networking as it allows the people you have met, and the relationship you have hopefully built, to actually contact you and further the business relationship. Don’t be worried to put all your info on there, like email address, twitter and a phone number, preferably mobile or something you can be reached directly on. This is very important as it builds trust. The person you give your business card to sees that you trust them enough to give them your personal contact details and this is definitely a good step towards building a successful business relationship. Of course, it also allows the person to get in touch with you quickly and directly if needed!

Second, in many instances business cards represent the first real impression many will have of your company. Therefore, it is very important that they reflect what your company is about and the values you’re striving for. For example, if you were an artist you wouldn’t want to present people with a generic, off-the-peg business card. This would hardly give the recipient confidence in your skills! Furthermore, this applies to all sorts of companies at all sorts of stages. If you want to re-assure investors and potential partners or clients that you are a credible business, a cheaply printed (or even home-made!) business card isn’t going to help.

If you can’t be bothered to invest a bit of time, effort and some money into a business card do you think it is fair that you expect an investor to invest a lot of their time, effort and substantial money into your business? This goes for all business networking as well. A business partnership is an investment of time and effort so if your business card is not up to scratch then what does it say about the commitment and effort you are willing to put in?

Of course I’m not saying that you have to go and fork out hundreds of pounds on design and printing. If you’re not an artist, many good printers are now offering design packages with their business card printing. Put some ideas together and they will come up with a good design, print and ship the cards and all for under £100 (depending on how many business cards you want). Plus you will be able to keep the designs so you can print off any more cards you want for just the price of the cards. This is definitely a worthwhile investment if you plan to do a lot of networking, like we do!

Hopefully you can see the importance of a business card as another important tool in your company’s arsenal, rather than just an insignificant bit of card.