The mountain has finally been climbed, and that metaphorical mountain is enrolment in the iOS development program. After many days hard struggle, several emails back and forth and the use of something called a ‘fax machine’ – yes the worlds most advanced technology company forced us to send our business documents by fax and not email! We have finally received confirmation that we have been accepted into the iOS development program, which is quite handy considering it forms the main core of our publishing media! We learnt a lot just from this little task, which we initially thought would just be a small mole hill but turned out to be a mountain, and below are our top tips to guide you up the mountain too.

Top Tips

  1. Enrolment takes time. It took us over a week due to Apple having to verify us as an official business.
  2. You need to have access to a fax machine. Try your local library or school.
  3. If you are not signing up as an officially registered business make sure you apply as an individual developer.
  4. Be Prepared! Get all the documents Apple asks for ready in advance and make sure you give Apple all this information to Apple or you could slow the application process down.
  5. Hold tight. It can take Apple a little while to respond to emails, due to the number of emails they receive and the time difference, but they are on the case and will get you enrolled!