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The paint-by-numbers logic game – now with over 900 unique puzzles!

Now you can play Picture Cross on your phone or tablet! World’s Biggest Picture Cross contains hundreds of puzzles from easy to expert difficulty. Use logic and deduction to fill in the correct squares on the grid based on number clues, revealing a picture.

Picture Cross puzzles have gained a massive following through newspapers, puzzle magazines and video games. You may have seen them called ‘Picross’, ‘Nonograms‘, ‘Hanjie’ or ‘Griddlers’ – whatever the name, they’re the same challenging, rewarding test of logic.

Fantastic features

  • Play through 900+ puzzles with the original World’s Biggest pack, Winter and Summer packs and the new After Dark mode.*
  • Choose from puzzles of different sizes and difficulty ratings from the colour-coded Map Grid.
  • Reveal hidden scenes! Every puzzle you complete reveals more of a hidden pixel tableau.
  • Complete quests and earn trophies and achievements!
  • Switch between two easy to use control schemes!
  • New to Picture Cross? No problem! There’s a tutorial for new players, in-game FAQ and hint system.

* After Dark mode is unlocked on completion of the “World’s Biggest” grid.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an internet connection to play the game?

The game is designed to be playable offline. However you will need to connect to a cellular network or wifi to be able to access the in-game store, redeem offers, or to interact with Twitter, Facebook, Game Center, etc.

How can I get more tokens?

Tokens can be purchased from the store, and they are also awarded every day the game is played. You may also be awarded tokens for completing puzzles, quests and other objectives in the game.

You may also be able to earn additional tokens by viewing video ads or taking advantage of Tapjoy offers in the Tokens section of the Store (these options may not be available in all versions).

What can I spend the coins on?

Coins can be used to automatically complete rows or columns, replay previously completed puzzles, and to pay to complete Quests and uncover Trophies.

Can I use coins to buy more tokens?

Coins cannot be exchanged for Tokens at this time.

How do I turn off the playing tips popups?

The hint popups can be turned off through the pause menu. Tap the PAUSE button at the top right corner of the screen, select ‘Settings’ and select ‘Off’ under ‘Playing Tips’.

How do I turn off the ads?

Purchasing any item in the Store confers the additional benefit of removing all ads. Please note that ads will only be removed on the current device.

I have feedback about the game, or I’ve found a bug, or I just want to say “Hi”. How can I contact you?

Select the ‘Help’ option in any of the game’s menus to view the game’s updated FAQ. You can also use the help system to contact us directly.

We can also be contacted via @BigPuzzles on Twitter, the Facebook page, or by email to We cannot guarantee a reply but we do endeavour to read all messages we receive.

Where can I find more great games?

You can find more games compatible with your device through the “More Games” button within the game (or by returning to the home page of this website

Bonus Video: How To Play Picture Cross

If you’ve not played Picture Cross before, or have started playing the game but want to find out more about useful strategies, this video explains everything in detail.