Bring order and balance to the farmyard!

Legend tells of a secret order of Ninja Farmers who were able to use their powers to bring peace and harmony to the animals that graze in their fields. They passed their secret knowledge from generation to generation to ensure that their fields were at one with the universe. However, with each generation the order grew smaller and smaller and now only a few Ninja Farmers remain. The chaos is returning but the Ninja Farmers are too few in number to protect the world.

Therefore, the Ninja Farmers need you to join the order and help bring peace and harmony back to the land before time runs out. You must use all of your skill and cunning to arrange animals into harmonious groups and bring order to the many farms that lie on the quest before you. You will encounter many types of animal along your journey, from the mischievous Crispy Duck and the sage Wizard Lizard to the noble Red Panda and the mighty wind power of the flatulent Cow.

Ninja Ranch is a mix of intriguing gameplay and unlimited puzzles bringing you endless joy and inner peace.

So are you ready to take up the challenge that the Ninja Farmers have set before you and help bring peace and harmony back to the land?

Ninja Features

  • TOUCH! SWIPE! Make space for all the animals to bring order to each farm
  • Unlimited puzzles of varying size and complexity make for endless replayability
  • Look out for the LUCKY CAT – give them a big field to gain good fortune!
  • Loads of cute and rare animals to collect
  • Win coins and special items in the DAILY SPIN!
  • Pirate animals! Cowboy Animals! Animals with Wind … And more stuff we’ve forgotten!
  • Game Center integration for a truly social experience!