Guide our intrepid hero through deadly mazes to find fame, fortune and glory!

Captain Blake, the famous explorer, has discovered a lost pyramid filled with treasures of unimaginable value.

The route through the pyramid is blocked by stone doors that stand between Blake and the treasure, opening only if beams of light fall on their receptor crystals. Help Captain Blake reach the heart of the pyramid by using mirrors and crystals to Guide The Light!

Every chamber contains a unique puzzle and you’ll have to learn new skills to get through in one piece. Sometimes you’ll need to split and combine light colours, bounce light around mazes and even work against the clock to escape the pyramid’s fiendish traps.

If at any time you get really stuck on a puzzle, you can always consult Captain Blake’s Vision Crystal to glimpse the solution. But use it wisely – the crystal takes time to recharge after each use.

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  • Two giant pyramids with 50 levels to explore!*
  • Giant spiders and fiendish traps!
  • Unique ‘Vision Crystal’ hint system!
  • Game Center Achievements!
  • Easy controls so the whole family can play!
  • Hours and hours of light-bending puzzling fun!

* Guide The Light Free contains a single, one-time In-App Purchase to unlock all levels and remove advertising.