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Hot off the press! Trivia and Gossip with your favourite Showbiz Stars!

You’ve seen the paparazzi photos and read the gossip – but how well do you know the hottest showbiz celebrities?

CELEBRITY GEMS is a fabulous free quiz game for smartphones and tablets that will test your celebrity knowledge.

Each quiz is presented as an issue of Celebrity Gems magazine – the mag that’s always first with the most sensational showbiz scoops! Each ‘issue’ contains a set of questions about famous figures from the worlds of movies, pop, sports, TV and more. You’ll be asked to identify stars based on their work, or give the names of the songs or shows they’re best known for, or even details of their lives and loves!

Answer a question correctly and you’ll also reveal a fascinating TRIVIA NUGGET about that star!

Stuck on a difficult question? Help is always at hand: you can spend STARS to reveal clues about the current question, or COINS to automatically fill in some of the letters.

Look out for the special BONUS issues which contain extra questions in unique formats including multiple choice, odd one out, find the connection and more.

Celebrity Gems comes complete with FIFTY issues to unlock, totally several hundred unique questions and trivia facts. What’s more, it’s regularly updated with new questions so it’s always up to date with the stars that everyone’s talking about.

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