Yesterday AppyNation embarked on a what was to be a short hop over to Margate in Kent for the GEEK 2012 expo, and not South Africa as Google kept thinking when trying to book hotels! However, as with the best laid plans of Mice and Men, this short hop turned into a long and arduous voyage.

All this hardship was down to a burst gas pipe on the line that our train was due to travel on. This resulted in, what was supposed to be a direct train to Margate, turning into a diverted train, a replacement bus service, another train and then one more train for good luck. Morphing the hour and a half journey into just over 4 hours. So “off to a great start”, as was repeatedly mentioned by a number of the Indie Devs in our group – you would think they didn’t know hard work!

However, this series of unfortunate events had an up side as the spirit of Indie Co-operation that AppyNation champions shone through. Hard work, motivation and team work, the three core pillars of an Indie Dev, came together and we successfully traversed the complicated and undirected maze of replacement buses and trains.

This goes to show that with the right support and guidance Indie Devs are a forced to be reckoned with, and AppyNation is leading the way!