Its just past midnight and another epic day passes at AppyNation. I am late blogging, late by about 14 hours and thus behind the curve! But today was a good day, much like most, but also because we have our full Nation conference call each and every Monday. This is the one chance for all of us, which is at least 9, to talk for about 45-60 minutes and share some challenges, exchange tips and generally just chew the operational fat. We now have 7 games in the pipeline, all in varying stages of ‘completion’. I say ‘completion’ because we are trying out a variety of ways of releasing our babies to the digital world.

Up until now we have kind of approached development in a semi traditonal way – namely develop the game, polish it and then release it. But last week, thanks to much discussion and some valuable input from our friends at GamesBrief and Dimoso, we are looking at following a strategy of MVP (minimum viable product) for some of our games. Instead of spending loads of time and money building the perfect game, or at least perfect in our eyes, we will design a game and build it to a playable point and then release it. If it sticks and people are interested, which we feel confident they will be, we will pour in more resources post release and just keep making the game better and better.

The theory is we reduce any potential wasted effort and valuable resources, yes we have discovered that we are incredibly busy, and provided we keep our eyes on the job, we will deliver more and more content, mostly free, to a growing fan base. That’s the theory and we intend to test it out. I will keep you all posted.

Now back to the mission statement, the shareholders agreement and some important news which I may be able to report on tomorrow, or more accurately later today. For now I am off to grab some winks. Its been a long, but fun day, and in a few hours my partners will awake and we will be pressing on in our quest to bring fun to the world. Until later today!