Yesterday (1st February 2011)  was all about ‘hand over’. Our super booster and all round star, Christian has left us to join Warner Brothers to head up their online activity in Europe and he was, and is, simply brilliant. Warners have a fine man there and he will do well. Christian  will stay as a friend of AppyNation for sure and we all wish him well.

As if by magic our new man Robin has appeared and has slipped into Christian’s shoes seamlessly. The trick here was simple, both men were highly educated, qualified and experienced. Plus they both loved games. I am a great believer in one simple rule about companies, outside of a clear mission statement, all companies need great people. Good is simply not good enough. We are blessed with two, Robin and James, who incidentally was recruit number 2. Enthusiasm and commitment are a given of course in any start up, but intellect is vital. Robin and James were planning their visits to our development partners who are spread wide through the UK. From Southampton to Dundee via London, Banbury, Leamington Spa and Liverpool we have a massive footprint. There is simply no substitute for getting close to the creatives, on their patch so to speak, so that we can all bring better games to the world.

Today I am tasked with finally nailing the shareholders agreement, talking to the lawyers throughout and reading and re-reading the publishing agreements. These are well overdue as there has been much debate internally on what we want these documents to look like, but these are essential and we must get them signed as soon as possible so we can concentrate on creation and be happy.

Ah yes, I mentioned mission statements didn’t I? Well on that  subject , I reckon it is time we nailed our one, or at least get the conversation re- started. So stand by for some ideas, all centred around us being Appy at least.